1 ) How do I place my orders? Do you accept orders nationwide?
You may use the online store to order some items or come by to our store at Penang and we will guide you through the entire process. We accept orders nationwide. To order online, click on the “go shopping” button above.

2 ) How do you deliver your products?
We usually courier our products using local forwarders.  Alternatively, you may  choose to pick up from our store.

3) How can I view your latest designs?
Our latest designs are posted at our blog.

4 ) How do I make my payment if I am based outside of Penang?
You may deposit cash or cheque to One Tree’s account at any local Maybank ATMs or pay via credit card online (3.5% surcharge applies).

5 ) How much does your customised invitation cards cost?
The cost of each invitation cards depends on the material and quantity selected. Price per card ranges from RM4.00 – RM30.00 each. There will be a one time customization fee on top of the material charges.

6 ) Why is there a customization fee?
Like wedding planners, we too charge a professional fee on top of your cards. Our customization fee includes advisory, typography, design and other misc. artwork and is only applicable for customized cards.

7 ) How soon should I start on my wedding invitations?
Ideally, you should start on your wedding invitations 3-4 months before your wedding date.

8 ) Where is your office located?
We’re based in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia but we accept orders nationwide.

9) What are your terms?
Please visit this link.